Nothing is better than experiencing the best Luau in Honolulu right in the heart of the country. The vibrant festivity paired with the rich manifestation of culture is the reason why it's a destination for visitors from around the world. It's an event where tourists get a glimpse of the colorful Hawaiian tradition that's been around since the 1800s.

Beyond the tropical atmosphere, the zest of the festivity lies on activities and ornaments that make th...


Hawaii is a famous vacation spot not just for its breath-taking beaches, but more so for its best authentic Luau, Oahu residents are holding. The festivity packed with thrilling entertainment is something both the locals and tourists don't want to miss. It's an interactive cultural experience that goes beyond the usual beach getaways and tropical delights of the island.

But what if it's your first time? What should you expect from a Hawaiian Luau Oahu...


There’s no better way to experience Hawaiian culture than by going to a Hawaiian luau on Oahu. Even if they don’t know anything about luaus, most visitors to Hawaii know they definitely do want to attend one. And if you’re going to attend one, you may as well attend the best luau in Hawaii, Oahu and the best authentic luau in Oahu. In this article, we’ll be your guide to finding the very best luau in Hawaii.

What is a Luau?

In ancient teams, Hawaiians w...


Where’s the best luau in Honolulu, the best luau in Hawaii Oahu and the best authentic luau in Oahu? It’s right here at Toa Luau! We’re proud to be one of the best and most authentic luau experiences in the whole of Hawaii. But what makes us the best? Maybe it’s all of the reasons below….

We provide an authentic feast
The feast is one of the main parts of a luau and we make sure it is the best feast you have ever had! You’ll be treated to all of the d...

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