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Our Media Policy

TOA Luau Media Policy: Video and Photograph Usage


1. **Purpose:** The media policy for TOA Luau is designed to ensure responsible use of videos and photographs taken during our luau events, respecting the privacy and exclusive nature of the experience for our esteemed customers.


2. **Personal Use Only:** Videos and photographs captured at TOA Luau events are intended for personal use only. Any commercial or promotional use of this media requires explicit written permission from TOA Luau.


3. **Video Duration Limit:** Videos created from luau event footage must not exceed a total duration of five minutes. This limitation is in place to capture the essence of the event while discouraging the dissemination of the entire luau online.


4. **10-Second Rule:** In line with our commitment to preserving the uniqueness of the TOA Luau experience, videos must not show more than 10 seconds of any particular dance or event. This restriction ensures that the full performance or experience is not fully disclosed.


5. **Respect Customer Investment:** We acknowledge that our customers invest significantly to attend our luau events. Therefore, we strictly prohibit the posting of complete luau experiences online, as this may diminish the value and exclusivity for future attendees.


6. **Enforcement:** TOA Luau reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of any violation of this media policy, including requesting the removal of unauthorized content and pursuing legal action if necessary.


7. **Consent for Content Creation:** Prior to attending a luau event at TOA, customers will be informed of this media policy, ensuring they understand the guidelines for video and photograph usage. By participating in the event, they consent to abide by these rules.


8. **Amendments:** TOA Luau may update this media policy as needed, and any changes will be communicated through official channels to ensure customers are aware of and comply with the revised guidelines.


By adhering to this media policy, we aim to maintain the enchanting experience of our luau events for all attendees while upholding the integrity of TOA Luau's brand and the exclusive experience we offer.

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