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[What to Expect] from Your First Time to a Hawaiian Luau

Hawaii is a famous vacation spot not just for its breath-taking beaches, but more so for its best authentic Luau, Oahu residents are holding. The festivity packed with thrilling entertainment is something both the locals and tourists don't want to miss. It's an interactive cultural experience that goes beyond the usual beach getaways and tropical delights of the island.

But what if it's your first time? What should you expect from a Hawaiian Luau Oahu style? Here's a short cheat sheet for you:

Imu demonstration

The Umu or Imu is probably one of the culminating activities during a Luau. It's when the locals show the removal of the roast vegetables and meat from their traditional, underground oven. It's usually done by the locals clad in their local, floral drapes to give the visitors an authentic experience. The pig will have been cooking for hours before performing the Imu.

This part is better enjoyed with a flower lei hanging by your neck while wearing the classic Hawaiian outfit.

A trip to the Waimea Valley and falls

Depending on the package, most Luaus will include admission to the Waimea Valley and falls. It's a scenic paradise on the north shore of Oahu where the path will take up to 40 minutes for a visitor to cover. Taking a dip in the refreshing waters is one of the best parts of this activity.

The path going to the falls and botanical garden is highly accessible even for visitors with physical handicaps. Besides, you can use a golf cart shuttle ride to go down from the valley if you need to.

Traditional dishes and cooking

A Luau experience wouldn't be complete without taking part in the massive buffet of local dishes. The food selection on the lavish spread will vary on the service provider. It will likely include Oahu cuisines like roasted breadfruit and taro.

During the festival, you don't simply taste the food; you can also be part of the preparation. You can grate coconut meat, cook taro, and create a coconut hula accessory.

Traditional dishes

Entertainment by night

If there's a signature event during a Luau, it would be the fire dancing entertainment at dusk. The lively entertainment courtesy of hula-wearing locals is a staple of the best Luau in Hawaii Oahu people host. This is accompanied by Polynesian music and usually performed by the shore. You can even join the dancing while wearing your own hula!

To add to the thrill is the Samoan knife dance. But unlike the laid-back hula, it's better watched than trying it yourself.

Hawaiian Luau Oahu

Lots of people

If you're planning to join a Luau, it's best to book your visit weeks before the actual event. The earlier you do, the higher chance you can pick the best package and seating. Tourists flock the festivity and guest seating can be very packed. And as a festivity, a Luau is usually done within a large group. It's unless you have an island concierge that can offer a more exclusive experience.

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