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A Guide to the [Best Luau in Hawaii]

There’s no better way to experience Hawaiian culture than by going to a Hawaiian luau on Oahu. Even if they don’t know anything about luaus, most visitors to Hawaii know they definitely do want to attend one. And if you’re going to attend one, you may as well attend the best luau in Hawaii, Oahu and the best authentic luau in Oahu. In this article, we’ll be your guide to finding the very best luau in Hawaii.

best luau in Hawaii

What is a Luau?

In ancient teams, Hawaiians would gather together to celebrate occasions with a feast. This could be occasions such as a military victory, a bountiful harvest, or the birth of a new child.

The word luau comes from the edible leaves of the taro plant, which were used to wrap food placed into the imu (the underground oven).

Today, many Hawaiian families still hold luaus but these are in private. It is a special occasion indeed if you get invited to one.

There are still plenty of luaus that tourists can attend, however. Most of these will be run by hotels and private companies, and provide tourists with a taste of the traditional thing. Some are geared towards more of a party, where others (the better ones) maintain the culture and tradition of the traditional luau.

Prices vary depending upon the number of activities included and the type of company you book with. You should expect to pay at least $80, however. We would be very sceptical of any company able to offer a decent traditional luau for less.

What to wear to a luau?

In most cases casual wear is acceptable. Hawaiians like their guests to feel comfy. Men tend to wear Aloha shirts and shorts or slacks, whereas women will wear casual dresses or aloha wear.

What do you eat at a luau?

Feasting is one of the main activities at a Luau and you should expect to eat a variety of authentic food. The main event will be the pua’a kalua, a pig that has been roasted all day in an underground oven—an imu. You can also expect to try poke (raw seafood), lomilomi salmon, chicken luau (chicken seasoned with onions, garlic, and spinach), sweet potato, haupia (a coconut pudding), kulolo (taro pudding), and poi (a dish made from the root of the taro plant).

variety of authentic food

Why does the Toa Luau offer the best authentic luau in Oahu?

At Toa Luau we offer the best and most authentic luau in Oahu and Hawaii—and we have three fantastic packages for you to choose from. All of our packages include a flower lei, cultural activities, an umu demonstration, a Kava ceremony, a Luau dinner, and a cultural show. The type of seating you can expect and the number of drinks tickets you get change depending on whether you order the silver, gold or VIP package. All packages also include entry into the Waimea Valley cultural site, the botanical gardens, and Waimea Falls.

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