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$75 Per Seat

Show time 2pm

Same show as the luau?

Yes, it is the same show as our evening luau! It's a perfect alternative for the long wait-list we have every night for the luau.

Why is it cheaper than the luau?

The Day-Show takes place in the day instead of the evening. Compared to the 3.5-hour luau, the 1-hour Day-Show does not include dinner and cultural activities.

Does the Day-show come with Access to Waimea Valley?

Yes. A $25 value, the access to Waimea Valley comes with your Day-show tickets for FREE! You may use your access pass before or after the 2pm day show.

Lunch Add-on and Show time?

A roasted chicken lunch plate is available for $16 extra. Lunch will be available for pickup from 12pm to 2pm. More information will be included in your booking confirmation email.

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